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White porcelain hexagram high volatility bell
Shigeo Tanaka is born in Kyoto, he now lives and works in Asuka Village, Nara Prefecture. Living in a 280 years old traditional Japanese house, works are carefully created using Anagama and downdraft kilns.There is a great waterfall deep in the mountain well away from the mountain’s paths. The waterfall runs so deep and clear that the overlapping currents have the color of jade. It is said that this is the gateway to Ryugu, the sunken palace of Ryujin(Otoko-kami, Onnna-kami).


H 15mm x W 55mm
*The size is in centimeters
*1cm=approximately 0.4inch

*It may be slightly different from the actual color.
Price11,000 JPY
Inquiry numbert-8-1

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