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Washi Zabuton
Zabuton made from handmade washi Japanese paper.
Konjac paste is added for strength.

kozo are cut at the root and steamed in a barrel over a fire in order to separate the bark. The bundles of fibers are placed in a cold stream for one to three days. The branches are boiled and stripped of their outer bark and then dried. The fibers are then boiled, placed in running water, and naturally bleached. The rinsed fibers are placed in a strainer floating in water for further cleaning and then laid on a board and beaten. Once they have dried overnight and been softened by stamping or hand-rubbing, they are ready to be made into articles.

Washi 100%
Inner Cotton: Cotton 100%

40 × 42
*The size is in centimeters.
*1cm=approximately 0.4inch
Price21,600 JPY
Inquiry number04CW99002

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