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Japanese handicrafted white leather shoes
Japanese handcrafted white leather is a specialty of Himeji City, in Hyogo Prefecture.

White tanned leather is the only native leather manufacturing in Japan. Himeji white leather has a history of over 1000 years. Its natural white color is produced without bleaching or dyeing.
The method requires salt, rape seed oil and the water of the Ichikawa, the local river that flows north to south through eastern Himeji.
After salting, the deerskin is soaked in the river for a few days, allowing microorganisms to loosen up the hair roots.
Shaving the skin with a knife and combing the leather with a plane gives the leather a uniform thickness.
After prolonged exposure to sunlight, the white leather is ready. It features a natural whiteness and a strength unlike any other leather.

The color of white leather varies naturally, and becomes even lighter with use.


SIZE: 22.5
WIDTH 8.2 / 22.5 CM

SIZE: 23.5
WIDTH 8.5 / 23.5 CM

SIZE: 24.5
WIDTH 8.7 / 24.5 CM

SIZE: 25.5
WIDTH 8.8 / 25.5 CM

SIZE: 26.5
WIDTH 9.4 / 26.5 CM

SIZE: 27.5
WIDTH 9.8 / 27.5 CM
*The size is in centimeters.
*1cm=approximately 0.4inch
Price52,920 JPY
Inquiry number03CW64003-2

  22.5 23.5 24.5 25.5 26.5 27.5
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