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Fountain's water fetching dress
Everything shines and shimmers, for standing at the fountain.This beautiful silk cloth is hand-woven in Bengal.Fountain's haori robe, water fetching dress, wrapped pants and cord.Piece dyed. Earth soil is produced by mud dyeing in Amami Oshima. The past converges with the present.
A dream crosses into reality, A garment with the impression of transcending dimensions.
*The characteristics of Indian hand-woven cloth include nep yarn, uneven weaving, and thread adding.

SILK 100%

LENGTH 108〜114 / WAIST 66
*The size is in centimeters.
*1cm=approximately 0.4inch

*Due to the nature of dyeing, unevenness in color.
*After repeated wear, the color will fade like wrinkles and change into a unique texture.
Price177,100 JPY
Inquiry number15CW17271

Earth soil
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