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White porcelain vase
A beautiful white porcelain vase. It can be used as a tool for arranging seasonal flowers to bring nature into the space.

Shigeo Tanaka lives in a 280-year-old house in Asuka village, Nara Prefecture, and works in a seasonal mountain valley using an anagama kiln; the Likei and an inverted-flame kiln. In the valley near the Likei Kiln, there are two deep pools, the male pool and the female pool. It is believed that the dragon gods (Otoko-kami, Onna-kami) live there and that it leads to the Ryugu (Dragon Palace). His pursuit of spiritual evolution is manifested in his work as a unique shimmering, white jade-like color, irreplaceable and beautiful.


H 290mm x W 190mm

*It may be slightly different from the actual color.
Price176,000 JPY
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